Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dumpster 54
acrylic phototransfer on mylar 


mengli said...

HI Steve,
I'm an architecture student and having a project involving pictorialization of a place. I want to use photo transfer onto mylar surface. I found your blog and admire the beautiful effects you achieved.I am also wondering about your process of making it. Can you pass me some insight? such as, weather the transfer the image is a photocopy or a real photo. is it inkjet or laser? which media did you use and how many layers did you applie to the image? how to keep the mylar from rippling?
Sorry about all this question and thank you already for sharing your beautiful artwork.
Meng li

Steve Javiel said...

Hey Meng,

Is there an email I can write back to?

michelle said...

thank you so much for your help.
email is: meng.li4@mail.mcgill.ca

michelle said...

thank you so much for your time and support.
email is: meng.li4@mail.mcgill.ca